Cultural event

Cultural event in Gołuchów community


There are numerous cultural events in Gołuchów community. Thanks to them,Gołuchów is recognizable not only in Wielkopolska Province but also in Poland as well as in Europe. There are few very mature events which have been hosted in Gołuchów since several years. Among them there are Chanterelle Festival, Mid-Summer Night Festival , Museum’s Night or Gardener’s Days - International Fair . They aim at entertaining local citizens and tourists. We try also to extend and introduce to the culture’s calendar new events such asPolish “Forget-me-not” Flower Day – AndrzejZalewski, radio journalist in the I Program of Polish Radio, author of the Ekoradio program,  wasthe originator of this celebration - as well as Christmas Fair.


Forestry Culture Centre is an organizer of many ecological and natural events, among them The Earth Day, Meeting with Forest Festivity and “Tail Teller from the Forest Glade” Polish National Competition.

In Gołuchów we have not only imported cultural events from outside. We are very proud of our domestic  Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Tursko” and Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Żychlinioki” which in a colorful, musical way cultivate old Polish traditions and promote folk culture inside Gołuchów community as well as outside of it, in Wielkopolska Province and in whole country. We can’t forget about the Voluntary Fire Brigade Brass  Band from KościelnaWieś as well as school choirs and pensioners choir, which are very active inside and outside Gołuchów community.

Mid-Summer Night Festival is an event during which we are all celebrating the shortest night in the year. It is traditionally organized by the lake in Gołuchów. The night, commonly called “Wianki”–“Flower - Garlands” gives the opportunity to welcome summer season during the concert of the greatest artist of polish music stage. During the Festival you can enjoy the firework show as well as the traditional  flower’s garland and boats parade. There are clowns who organize playing time for children. For the bravest – there is a proposition of bungee jumping.

Museum’s Night takes place in Gołuchów in the middle of May each year. The first Museum’s Night took place in Berlin in 1997, in 2001 it turned into event known in all Europe. Over 120 European cities were involved in venture. The main aim of the event is to open the museums with special offer for visitors at untypical time – at night. Since 2003 the Museum’s Night has been organized in Poland. Since 2009, the Castle in Gołuchów has joined the action.


Gardeners Day - International Fair is a displayable event which has a character of promotion and consultancy fair aim at gardeners who are growing vegetables and plants in the ground as well as under shelters, berries plants growers , fruiters, planters, gardener’s supply points,  gardeners adviser. It is the greatest gardeners fair in Poland. It is organize at the area of Forestry Culture Centre in Gołuchów.


Polish “Forget-me-not” Flower Day– Bicycle Raid in Gołuchów. It is an event inspired by AndrzejZalewski, Polish Radio speaker. It’s a day for all those who loves natural environment and enjoy active way of life. In Gołuchów we organize a Bicycle Raid this day in which around 300 people take place. It ends with bonfire and singing in the surroundings of polish nature.


Christmas Fair – it’s aim is to introduce the magical atmosphere of Christmas time. You can try Christmas dishes and buy some presents for your relatives. Christmas Fair is a kind of folk art and handmade craft promotion. You can buy handmade Christmass cards, decoration, embroidery stars, angels, chains and balls to decorate Christmas tree. You can enjoy this all listening in the same time Christmas carols sing by the folk groups.


The Earth Day – it’s an open event, organized by the Forestry Culture Centre in Gołuchów. It is addressed directly to children and school youngsters. In the program there are: “Under the trees” Raid, trees planting, displays opening, happening and ecological performances, the end of the “ The HonorGuardian of Naturally Valuable Places” action, as well as Forestry Museum, park and Model Animal Pen  sightseeing.


“Tail Teller from the Forest Glade” Polish National Competition. It is a tale presentation made by foresters, forest school’s students and all those who loves forest with its all richness. They are expected to prepare a speech concerning forest topic. The competition is a kind of forest and natural environment education guided by the governmental institution called State Forests. The aim of the event is a promotion of persons who in a very unique and inspiring way can tell stories about polish natural environment. It is an annual event which is part of the Polish “Forget-me-not” Flower Day.


Meeting with Forest – educational festivity. It is a kind of open outdoor activity which is annually organized by Forestry Culture Centre. It is a proposition to those all who are forest lovers and wants to know its mysterious. During the festivity, competitions and plays are organized, ecological shows are presented by young actors and actress. Show of forest craft among them wood tar production, woodcutter work, wood carving, fabric sheet workshop as well as handmade paper and wood decoration workshop are presented during this event.