“Chanterelle Festival”–Music’s Meetings

“Chanterelle Festival” – Music’s Meetings

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“Chanterelle Festival” – Music’s Meetings

“Chanterelle Festival” – has its beginning in 1993 and since then it has been celebrated incessantly. From the very beginning the Festival was entirely dedicated to past music but since 1997 it has extended the formula: from renaissance to modernity with the concentration on the chamber music. Music’s Meetings are organized according to seasons of the year. Summer and autumn editions take place every year in Gołuchów.

Traditionally, Chanterelle Festival is inaugurated in Cathedral in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Another days of summer edition are celebrated in the scenery of Czartoryski’s Family Castle in Gołuchów. Autumn edition is housed in Forestry Culture Centre in Gołuchów. Spring and Winter editions’ concerts are presented in Lipski’s Family Palace in Lewków - in Kalisz Land Museum local branch office.

Jadwiga Jankielewicz is the manager of the Festival. She is an animator of musical culture in region. The main aims of her actions and simultaneously main functions of Festival are:

-         presentation of chamber classical music masterpiece as well as contemporary music,

-         creating a young artists stage, talented polish musicians who can present unusual artistic creation,

-         promotion of innovative artistic ideas in musical art which can join the creation and re-creation process

-         world understanding throughout the modern art and the principle “Master and Follower”


Jadwiga Jankielewicz said: “ It is not only the music festival in the contemporary meaning. Its character is the idea of cherish to music, compatible intercourse of art and nature – it is a clubof people with higher sensitivity and that is why since 2001 the festival has assumed the name of Music’s Meetings “Chanterelle Festival” as it is a kind of mutual meetings – music with people, people with music and together one another. And it is the essence of the Festival.”