The folk ensemble "Tursko"

Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Tursko”

Village Cultural Center

Tursko 79

63-322 Gołuchów


Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Tursko” has its roots in Turskovillage, it is tightly connected with Gołuchów community andWielkopolskaProvince as it cultivates folk tradition of the region and praises it inPoland and abroad.

Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Tursko” was established in 1971 on SewerynaGrabowska’s own initiative. That year, to the dance group which operated from 1969, was added a musical group and women choir. The profile of the group has been changed and new artistic program has been  worked out.On the basis of old photographs and drawings, original outfits which were worn in this micro region were reproduced by SewerynaGrabowska.

Jan Sobczak, similar to SewerynaGrabowska, Tursko’s inhabitants, was the huge base of knowledge about folk customs and habits.  He was born in 1904 and since his young years  he was a music band member which performed during village’s parties and weddings. He was an organist and a violinist. Thanks to him, in the first year of great artistic effort: songs, dances and customs prepared by the group have achieved  authentic, local pedigree. Choreography and old customs such as“Podkoziołek”–Shrove Tuesday, “Dyngus” – Easter Monday custom of drenching people with water,“Dożynki” – “Harvest Festival”, “Darcie pierza” - deplume, (An old custom during which village women have met each other, one house after another to deplume. Later this material was used to prepare duvets and pillows for their daughters as a dowry), “Oczepiny” - (it is a traditional custom, which takes place at some point during the wedding reception usually around midnight. The bride takes off her bridal veil and, blindfolded, throws it in the air, while all the unmarried women who have been dancing in a circle around the bride attempt to catch it. The one who succeeds is thought to be the first one to marry next, which makes this custom similar to the throwing of the bridal bouquet, practiced in some western countries)were shown on the Polish and European stages.

Origin music group’s members were: SewerynaGrabowska – the manager and violinist, Jan Sobczak – violinist, Stefan Szymoniak – accordion, StanisławSołtysiak – clarinet and WładysławMądrzak – contrabass.

In the year of Tursko establishment, there were 30 people in the group. Year after year there were more and more people interested to be the part of the group. SewerynaGrabowska, who was taking care of the group’s continuity, placed emphasis on workshop with children. Almost from the very beginning, so called “MałeTursko” - “LittleTursko”  - children’s group is acted parallel to the main folk group.

WacławWojciechowski, choreograph of “Cepelia” folk group’s fromPoznań was working with “Tursko” between 1972-1988. Thanks to his rich knowledge and experience, many new folk choreography were worked out and practiced.

Jerzy Kraszkiewicz is tightly connected with the Ensemble from the very beginning.  Initially he was a dancer, later he became artistic manager’s apprentice and since 1997 he has taken over the function of main manager. He works in this role so far. He is also a member of a music group. He plays on a regional instrument so called “double – chordKalisz’s bass”

During over 35 years of the ensemble’s history, there have been hundreds of dancers and musicians tightened with the group. Nowadays there are around 50 persons in “Tursko”. Music band consists of 8 persons: Jerzy Kraszkiewicz – bass player, Jerzy Szkudlarski – clarinetist, AndrzejWojcieszak – drum player, JanuszKraszkiewicz – contrabass, Marian Ordziniak – clarinetist, Sebastian Ordziniak – violinist, Tomasz Karoń – trumpeter, Robert Jankowski – accordionist and at the same time the music band’s manager. PiortKulka is the choreograph of the group.

Thanks to all band member’s involvement, starting from those very young from “MałeTursko – Little Tursko”, youngsters and ending with adult music band members, Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Tursko”is still developing and gaining new sympathizers and well-wishers, who love and enjoy folk music and dance.

“Tursko” as an amateur folk ensemble had to express great enthusiasm, stubbornness and self – discipline in building their artistic level and stage image.


“Tursko”’s main successes are:


Folk Music Bands and Singers Festival in KazimierzDolny by the WisłaRiver,Poland.“Tursko” was awarded one of the main prize.


First National Artistic Groups Overwiev of State Agricultural Holding inOlsztyn,Poland.“Tursko” has presented an unforgettable show and was awarded with the first prize.


National Overview of Villagers Creativity in Przytoczna not far away fromGorzów Wielkopolski,Poland. Third position – Brown Plow.


National Overview of Villagers Creativity  in Przytoczna not far away fromGorzów Wielkopolski,Poland. Second position – Silver Plow.


Tourne inRussia.


International Festival of Folk Groups inJindrichov Hradec,Czech Republic.


National Festival of Dance Groups inBojanów,Poland.


International Folklore Festival inErfurt,Germany.


Tursko’s  participation in Polish Culture Days in Westerstede,Ammerland,Germany.

Project “Meeting withEurope” in Gołuchów.

Tursko’s performance during thePoland’s Joining EU Festival.

Tursko’s performance during Folk Bands Overview inBrzeziny,Poland.


International Folklore Meetings in Chocz.

Tursko’s  participation in Polish Culture Days inChievres,Belgium, Gołuchów’sTwinnedTown.


“Tursko” was honored with the Certificate “The Best inPoland” by HipolitCegielskiFundation fromPoznań.

35-years Jubilee of  Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Tursko”.


Tursko’s participation in Folk Music Bands and Singers Festival in KazimierzDolny by the Wisła River, Poland.


Tursko’s performance in International Competition Folk Groups organized by Agriculture Organization inWarsaw,Poland.

Tursko’s participation in Polish Culture Days in Bad Zwischeahn,Germany, Gołuchów’sTwinnedTown.


Tursko’s  participation in International Folklore Days inChievres,Belgium, Gołuchów’sTwinnedTown.


International European Folk Band Competition in Bad Zwischeahn,Germany, Gołuchów’sTwinnedTown.


“Tursko” has presented their folklore heritage in many European countries. Their performances have enriched cultural event’s calendar in France, Holland, Ukraine, Belgium and Germany. Throughout this they have praised the village Tursko, Gołuchów community, Wielkopolska Province and Poland. Over their 35 years artistic existence they have performed on the stage from Kuakas to the English Channel.