The folk ensemble "Żychlinioki"

Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Żychlinioki”

Edmund Stasiak


63-322 Gołuchów


Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Żychlinioki” and “Krzywosądowiacy”was established in 1970 by KazimieraStasiak, Krzywosądów village’s citizen. She was not only the manager of the group but also its choreographer. The band consists of around 40 persons. There is also a music group in the Ensemble which consists of 8 persons. Its manager is Jerzy Małecki. During 40 years of its existence the group has performed over 650 times taking part in many national and international events. It has also participated in national and provincial overviews. After Kazimiera’s death, her husband Edmund Stasiak became the manager of the folk group.

The Ensemble has presented its folk heritage in front of Russian, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Belgian and French audience. It has performed during Polagra Fair in Poznań several times as well as in Chamber of Deputies in Warsaw.

During the National Overview in 2002 organized in Warsaw by Voluntary Fire Brigade Board of Management, “Żychlinioki” gained one of the first position. The group takes part in many cultural events in Gołuchów community like Women Day, Firefighter Day, Senior Day, Harvest Festival during which it presents folk tradition of Wielkopolska Region.