Andrzej Zalewski

Council of Gołuchów Community, April 2, 2009, awarded the title of Honored Citizen of Gołuchów Community to:

Andrzej Zalewski, for his personal involvement, great willing of cooperation and his enthusiasm in promoting polish natural heritage as well as Gołuchów Community. AndrzejZalewski is a radio speaker, He has been creating radio and TV programs concerning rural, farm, ecological and meteorological topics since 50 years. He is an author of EKORADIO program which he has led from 1990 in the first program of Polish Radio. He is a great propagator of ecological thought, forests advocate, a member of Forest Brotherhood.

He is also an inventor of Forget me not Flower Day. The main aim of the event is reminding to everyone about the need to natural environment protection and saving the Polish biodiversity.

Since 2007 he has also been a jury member of the “Tail Teller from the Forest Glade” Polish National Competition which is organized by Forestry Culture Center in Gołuchów. He also inspired Gołuchów Community to celebrate the Forget me not Flower Day in Gołuchów during which a bicycle raid is organized. Besides that, he promotes Gołuchów and its beauty during his EKORADIO hearings and on his websites.

AndrzejZalewski is a great patriotism teacher, he promotes pro-health and pro-ecological posture, and points out the fondness of native land. Since many years he has been forecasting weather but in his tails, listeners can hear deep affection to all what can be called as polish.