Chievres– it is a city in Belgium, in the Hainaut region, inhabited by over 6 thousands of people. The area of the city is 46,91 kilometer square. The most beautiful monuments in Chievres are: The castle of Egmont Family, where at present  the Town Hall is situated, the tower in Gavre, gothic St. Martin  church as well as the St. John Chapel in Ladrerie.

The twin town cooperation between Gołuchów and Chievres was sign in August 1999. It was the effect of former, lasting 2 years, talks between mayors and councilors from both towns. In the agreement they declared among all aiming at supporting the cooperation in all life aspects to achieve fully understanding andunited being in Europe as well as doing their best and giving all kind of  help  in aim of creating peace and human well-being.

During all these years of Gołuchów – Chievres partnership we have invited to Gołuchów brass band, sport people, accordion band and many others. At the same time Folk group “Tursko”, brass band from KościelnaWieś, footballers, farmers as well as school kids visited Chievres.

Moreover Council of Gołuchów Community awarded the Mayor of Chievres Jean Pierre Dauby – who was the mainspring of the partnership between this two communities, the title: Honored Citizen of Gołuchów Community