Eastleigh it is an English city inhabited by 117 thousands citizens, situated in the middle part of Hampshire County, not far away from Southampton.

The city has wonderful department stores and many ideal places for rest and entertainment. In the recent  years you can observe a rapid industry development as well as the increasing number of new-set companies. An excelent communication connections thanks to motorways M3 and M27, railway and the airport,  Eastleigh became a perfect ground for many companies which have entrenched position in the region as well as those which are now developing.

The first model of “Spitfire” airplane was built in Eastleigh, it also set off from the Eastleigh Aerodrome (called today Southampton International Airport).

The most recognizable character connected with Eastleigh is British comedian Benny Hill, whose grave is situated in the town.

The letter of intent between Gołuchów Community and Eastleigh Town was sign in June 2001r . In April 2002 The Recognition of Business Links was signed. It said that throughout sharing business expertise and building on links between companies in Gołuchów and Eastleigh, we would endeavor to foster business growth and understanding. The Agreement about youth exchange between Municipality of Gołuchów and Eastleigh Borough was sign in May 2003.

Having above documents implemented, many events were organized, among all numerous football tournaments in which youngsters from Eastleigh and Gołuchów took part. There was also  a traders meeting organized. During the project “European Festival of Culture,” a school band from Eastleighhas performed in Gołuchów. The effect of Polish – English cooperation is mostly seen in Czerminek (village in Gołuchów Community) where an English company has built a row of houses.