Klastor pod Znievom

Klastor pod Znievom – the city is one of the most beautiful places in Slovakia and the oldest one in Turiec region.  It’s a mountain settlement surrounded by mountains. It is situated in the beautiful cirque at the level of 480 meters  above the see level. Above the town at the level of 989 meters, you can observe the Turiec Castle’s ruins, which is called Zniev. It was built in the first half of 13th century. Today in town, you can also find some remains after both gothic buildings and those coming from period of Jesuit being in that region.

The twinned -town agreement was signed in November 2003. In the document they declared bilateral aiming at extending historic, social and political knowledge about Gołuchów and Klastor pod Znievom, exploring citizen’s life, enable cooperation between institutions and organizations from both cities, supporting contacts between Gołuchów and Klastor pod Znievom citizens, especially youngsters, seniors, sport teams, touristic teams, creating conditions to extend the knowledge aboutthe work of local governments, evolving cultural exchange between two cities as well as supporting economic cooperation.

During all this years of Gołuchów – Klastor pod Znievom partnership, among all school children and firefighters teams started their cooperation. There were tourists excursions, football tournaments and bicycle raids organized. In the last 4 years two associations from Gołuchów, Klastor pod Znievom  and Erkner have developed very tightly and active cooperation on the field of social policy.