Bad Zwischenahn

Bad Zwischenahn – the community is a part of Saxon Land, on the North of Germany. There are 27 thousands of inhabitants. Bad Zwischenahn is the biggest community out of six which together combine the Ammerland county. In Bad Zwischenahn you can watch primal village landscape with heathers, forests, meadows and picturesque Bad Zwischeahn lake, called the pearl of Ammerland. Bad Zwischenahn is a meeting center for those all who wants to meet new people and looks for contacts with nature. Bad Zwischenah is a tourist’s paradise. : bathing, sailing, canoeing, walking, eel for gourmets, which you can fish by yourself in the lake. Seaside resort with artificial waves as well as summer theatre with beautiful panorama presenting the scenery of lake are added attractions connected to stay in Bad Zwischenahn.

Gołuchów and Bad Zwischenahn partnership is an effect of  cooperation which had been evolved between Ammerland County and Pleszew County. Pleszew County had inspired its six communities to look for partners among six communities of Ammerland County. In some cases it has turned out into cooperation actions as well as signing twinning towns agreements. Goluchow and Bad Zwischenahn signed this kind of agreement August 19,  2005 in which they declared cooperation in aim to support both communities’ development. 

In the following years they have managed to organized many projects and start cooperation with organizations and institutions in both communities. Every two years a group of tourists from Bad Zwischenahn come to Gołuchów to do some sightseeing. In 2009 there was a trip to Bad Zwischenahn from Gołuchów organized as well. Some contacts has been made between fishing clubs, seniors organizations, Volunteer Water Rescue Service members,  stamp collectors. Artists from Bad Zwischenahn took part in the artistic outdoor activities organized by Forestry Culture Center in Gołuchów. Stamp collection from Bad Zwischenahn’s citizen was presented at the display in Forestry Culture Center. During harvest festival in Gołuchów we have the opportunity to admire the folk group from Bad Zwischenahn region. As well as the Folk group “Tursko”  took part in Culture festival in Germany.