Artifact in Gołuchów and in the surroundings bear witness that the land was settled in IV period of bronze age. Monuments which were built there in the period of Romans influence as well as from the early Middle Age period indicate that the area was inhabited incessantly since 2500 years. Very important merchant route from Poznan through Kalisz, Sieradz to Małopolska Province run through the area. In 13th century numerous villages from the region belonged to Toporczyk race, the first owners of Gołuchów. It is said that in 13th century a church in Gołuchów was founded but other documents said it was only in 1348. In 1408 the Gołuchów assets were moved for three centuries into seisin of Wieniawit race. In 1507 Leszczyński Family, whose coat of arms was Wieniawa,  became the owner of Gołuchów. RafałLeszczyński built around 1560 a renaissance defensive manor house which in the result of his actions turned into two wings castle built around the courtyard with arched cloister. In Gołuchów in 1555 there was a convention in which representatives from Małopolska Calvinism and from WielkopolskaChech Brothers took part. They have discussed over the possibility of joining two creeds. Gołuchów castle is also a place where in 1581 a privilege for Chech Brothers was written.  According to this documents the parish church and its belongings become their own properties.  At the beginning of 17th century the manor house was extended.  But, unfortunately, after 1695 there was a decline of this magnificent magnate residency. It happened after the castle was sold by Leszczyński. Throughout the years it has changed owners several times up to 1853 when TytusDziałyński from Kórnik bought it for his son Jan. Since 1856 the park has been organized and the reconstruction of the ruined castle has been led. Works which had been introduced by Jan Działyński was finished by his wife IzabellaDziałyńka nee Czartoryska. In the castle interior, which has been rebuilding between 1872-1885, she organized a museum. Exhibits were collected in the whole Europe, part of them were brought from Lambert Hotel in Paris. The museum involved a precious collection of Greek vases, paintings, military and art craft among them enamels. Up to 1939 it was one of the biggest private museum in Europe.

Around the castle there is a beautiful park which was set in second half of the 19th century according to Jan Działyński’s conception. His idea was implemented by Adam Kubaszewski. Czartoryskis Family was the owner of Gołuchów up to II World War. During the war the collection was evacuated and the historical church which was situated near the park entrance was destroyed. In 1951 the castle became the division of National Museum in Poznań and last in this stage so far.

Gołuchów monuments belongs to the most recognizable and best preserved residency in Poland. The history of the castle which is tightly connected with Leszczyński, Działyński and Czartoryski Families has been written steadily to polish history and culture.