Touristic, cultural and natural values of Gołuchów Community are unique according to the regional as well as country scale.

The castle, with its shape reminding French castles on the Loire river, was bound up throughout ages with outstanding Polish renowned families: Leszczyńskis, Działyńskis and Czartoryskis. In the interior there is a magnificent collection of Greek vases. The castle is surrounded by a picturesque, awarded the status of the biggest arboretum in Poland. The castle and park complex also comprises Forestry Museum. Close to the park, the Model Animal Pen is established. In the nearby forest, not far away from Gołuchów, the most spectacular relict of Ice Age is located. It is the biggest in Wielkopolska and the sixth biggest erratic boulder in Poland. Monuments of sacred art track is outlined by churches, the oldest one of which is dated for second half of XII th century. Walking and bicycle tracks encourage to active recreation. Gołuchów Commune is a magic place. We guarantee unforgettable experience to those who came to visit it. Please, feel invited!