General Information

Tourist and Sport Center in Gołuchów


Tourist and Sport Center in Gołuchów is situated among the forest by the lake, which is 61-hectars wide water reservoir. There are 45 tourist houses for 190 tourists. The Center offers guarded bathing area, sandy beach, water equipment lending point, camp site with barbeque places, caravan places, football pitches, volleyball pitches.

There are also numerous fast food bars and other catering places as well as a club equipped with audio-visual sets, board games, badminton, tennis table set and billiard.

On the west side of the Center, next to the school buildings, there are numerous sport and recreation objects located, among them there are volleyball and beach volleyball pitches, football stadium, tennis courts, sport hall and a playground.

The Center is also located on the cycle path called “Through Wielkopolska Province Bicycle Road”.

The lake was embraced the silence zone, it has 3rd class of cleanness and is rich witch many species of fish.

The Center is an ideal place for a family holiday, sport camps, school trips as well as sightseeing tours. It is also a great place for fishing amateurs and mushrooms collectors and for those who enjoy Nordic-walking and bicycle ridings.

Every year at the Center are numerous cultural events are organized. The most recognizable are Mid-Summer Night Festival, the Child Day – family festival, Summer Miss competition and Strong Man - Polish Cup.

There are also sport events organized. Among others the best known are football tournaments, table tennis and tennis competitions and fregatebirds.


The Water Volunteer Rescue Service is an organization tightly connected with the Center. It organizes numerous swimming, diving, rescue and first aid training. Besides that, the members of Water Volunteer Rescue Service keep watch of course of  all the tourists who enjoy the summer and water. They use motor and paddle boats as well as insurance equipment.


Water equipment lending point has in its offer:

-         Canoes

-         Two persons paddle boats

-         Four persons paddle boats

-         Two persons water bicycles

-         Three persons water bicycles