Park arboretum

Park – arboretum

It occupies the area of 158,05 hectares. It was designed in the second half of 19thn century in an English style. The direct mainspring of its establishment were contemporary Gołuchów’s owner IzabellaDziałyńska nee Czartoryska and her husband Jan Działyński. According to the idea of creating a park similar to the best European gardens, they employed a talented gardener Adam Kubaszewski. The park was created in many stages and the final effect was seen at the end of 19th century when it occupied the area of 150 hectares.

The English style of the park, preferred by Działyńskis Family, related to natural landscapes, totally different from baroque gardens which basis related to geometrical shapes. Up to today we can watch the naturalistic form of the park which was carefully worked out by the owners. It is a picturesque  landscape for the monuments which are located in the south part of the park. Ciemna River is the part of the park. It was called Trzemna in the past, and its valley was the main composition factor. Along its 3 km long line on the left and on the right site there are charming views with the collection of trees and bushes, meadows and glades. Viewers are delighted with trees complex as well as with the single specimen which thanks to the proper exposition, presents their unique beauty.

North part of the park which has rather forest character is separated from the South part called arboretum  with two view ponds. There are small islands on the bigger one where water fowl are building its nests.  There are 80 thousands trees in the park among them there are 600 species and strains of trees and bushed which come from Europe, Asia, and North America. Among them there are also 262 trees examples which have monumental  sizes. Wild plants are represents by common plants as well as those unique in the region and country scale. Several of them (among them Arum maculatum, European columbine, Primulaveris, European wildginger)are under law protection. There are over 300 species of mushrooms in the park, 27 species of brio statin and 131 taxon of lichen. Taking fauna into consideration there are 8 species of amphibians, 3 species of reptiles, 27 species of mammals and 70 species of birds.

The park is written in the monument register and since 1989 it is embraced with the Natural Protection Act. It is also the part of the Protected Landscape of Trzemna River Valley. Forestry Culture Center leads numerous work in the park – arboretum which aim is to restore the primal composition setup and reconstruction of species store. Its conservation and protection base on the historical notes and documents as well as on the modern revalorization projects.

Park – arboretum in a harmonic way join didactic and recreational functions and support the natural and aesthetic natural values. It is a place where various educational form and researches are led.