Ciemna River Valley

Ciemna River Valley

The area of Ciemna River Valley embraces 3500 hectares. In the central part of the Gołuchów Community the area is established as a protected landscape. Its borders are:

  • from the East: the road at the distance from Kuchary to Macew as well as the stream from Jedlec (right inflow of the Ciemna River) and the Prosna River at the sector from Łaszków to Tursko,
  • from the North: railway track, the lane to Bogusław,
  • from the West: the sector of the road from Bogusław to Bielawy and Kajew and then from Kajew to Czerminek, Szkudła and Kucharki,
  • from the South: the road from Kucharki to Kuchary

the area embraces mainly natural landscape and its biological balance.

The Ciemna River Valley around Gołuchów is an attractive place mainly because of the following factors:

  • Gołuchów is famous for the dendrology park, the biggest in Poland with the unique collection of trees and bushes, the castle with the pieces of art collection, the Forest Culture Center, Forestry Museum and the Model Animal Pen.
  • Retention reservoir on the Ciemna River with the lakeside resort sourranded by the forest complex,
  • Wildlife richness, mainly brooding birds as well as mammals which live in Gołuchów forests, dendrology park and Ciemna River Valley,
  • There are numerous protected plant species and valuable plants clusters,
  • There are numerous precious architectural monuments as well as village buildings,
  • Tourist and sightseeing values of Gołuchów and surrounded areas.