Bison is the biggest European inland mammals. In Poland they live in herds, on the loose or in closed husbandry.  The species is under high protection. The firsttwo bison were brought to Gołuchów in 1977. Gołuchów’s herd was start by: Plantor bull and Polira cow from Bison Husbandry Center in Smardzewice (Poland) and cows Ponta and Polana from Bison Husbandry Center in Pszczyna (Poland). In general, in Model Animal Pen in Gołuchów, up to 2009 there have been 88 bison breeding. 76 out of 88were born in Gołuchów. The Model Animal Pen is organized in the way to allow visitors easy access to observe the animals from the dawn to the sunset all year round.