Walking tracks

Yellow track: Pleszew – Lenartowice – Tursko, 14 km

The track starts at the area of Pleszew Community. It leads first through rural area and then through forests in the neighborhood of  Ner River valley. It reaches Tursko village in the Gołuchów Community.

It starts in Pleszew Town square and runs through Kilińskiego Street, Niesiołowskiego Street and Lenartowicka Street. In Lenartowice village we pass the church, park, palace, old farm and commentary. The lane leads us to Ner valley and then, walking among forest border, we reach Zawady village. There you can watch windmill settlement. Passing Podborek village we reach the road joining two villages Brzezie and Janków, and later Tursko village. There you can visitSt. Andrew Apostle Church in Tursko, Our Lady Sanctuary with Gethsemane.

You can continue your walk further along red and yellow routes which lead you to Gołuchów.


Blue track: Gołuchów – Kuchary 7.1 km

The route is totally organized on the area of Gołuchów Community. Itsbeginning is at the Gołuchów park entrance gate, then you have to go along Działyńskich Street along the national road number 12, then along Leśna Street  up to Gołuchów Tourist and Sport Center. The blue track cut through the yellow track there. We walk forest road to reach the monument concerning II World War victims. There the blue track join the yellow and they lead together to the famous boulder - the biggest in Wielkopolska Province. Going further we reach the Rehabilitation Center in Jedlec Forest. Then the lane leads us to Kuchary village, where we can visit among all the larch church from XVII century.


Yellowtrack: Gołuchów – Kucharki – Sobótka: 16,6 km

It is a track which leads mainly through Gołuchów Community area and end with Sobótka village in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Community.

Its  beginning is at the Gołuchów park entrance gate, then you have to  go along Działyńskich Street along thenational road number 12 in the Kalisz direction, then along Kopczyńkiego Street up to the dam at Trzemna River, to the lake and Gołuchów Tourist and Sport Center. Yellow track cut through blue track there. Yellow signs lead us throughout forest rout next to the scout summer camping, along the lake shore up to the lateral route which join the blue track. Going along we can reach the monumental boulder. The next stage of the trip is reaching the Rehabilitation Center and then Szkudła village. Walking alongCiemna (Trzemna) River we reach Kucharki village and the point on the road joining Kuchary and Krzywosądów villages. We pass the wooden church and walking further the road among fields we reach Czechel village and later Karsy village. FromKarsy village we direct to Sobótka village where we can visit among all an early gothic church, palace and a park.

Red track: Gołuchów – Tursko – Grodzisko 14,2 km

The track begins at the Gołuchów Community area, and it ends in Pleszew Community area. Its  beginning is at the Gołuchów park entrance gate and it leads to Kubaszewskiego Street, to the forester’s lodge and further to the Tursko village. In Tursko – after visiting the St. Andrew Apostle Church in Tursko, Our Lady Sanctuary with Gethsemane - we go the road which cuts the Giszka River Valley and reach the road joining Brzezie and Janków villages. We go further to Bogusławice village, then we direct to the North. We pass the forest and reach the brick bridge on the Ner River and then Rokutów village. Walking forest, sandy road we go to Grodzisko village where there is aworth visiting church.