Canoe route

Prosna River, which create the Eastern border of Gołuchów community, is an excellent place for canoeing. The canoe route starts in Bogusław village (Gołuchów community) and ends in NowaWieś village (Gizałki community). The route is 25 km long.

The river’s current is rather calm and quicken only in few places. There are numerous natural attractions waiting for canoes users. Among them there are great views and picturesque landscape. On the sheer, sandy  riverbanks you can watch nests of sand martin swallows as well as rarely seen birds called kingfishers. On the trees you can notice penduline tit’s nests, walking colorful herons as well as evidences of beavers existence (beaver lodges and tree cut)

Small wooden bridges so called footbridges are unique attractions. They are still used for sheep transfer. For tourists there are camping sites established in Bogusław (Gołuchów community), Rokutów (Pleszew community), Chocz, Żbiki (Czermin community), Gizałki, NowaWieś (Gizałki community).