The “Sheep Fold”

The “Sheep Fold” – “Owczarnia”

This object is a part of  the 19thcentury manor – house building complex. It was built in 1849 by Wincenty Kalkstein. As it name says, the building had a role as a sheep-fold. On the Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów own initiative the building was renovated and in2005 was put to use. One year later it was included into Forestry Museum and a steady exposition “Forest Technology” was arranged in it. The display points out issues concerning productive function of forests. By showing historic tools, devices and forest machinery the display shows how does a forester’s work look like. On the area of 2000 meter square the exhibits concerning breeding, forest usage and its protection are presented. The large space is filled with measuring tools, geodesy instruments and cartography instruments which were used during the work connected with forest creation process. The part of the exhibition is devoted to seed science as well as trees and plants nursery. One of the most interesting part of the display are dummies presenting former forest infrastructure showing how did the charcoal, petroleum, birch tar, sulfite wood turpentine, tree’s acid and soot were produced in the past years. Visitors can also see series of exhibits illustrating process of resin gaining, natural resources and by-products of forest which are used as a herbal articles cosmetics and forest fruits as well as numerous woodwork showing wide-ranging of usage of this sources.

Renovation done in “Sheep Fold” was valued by Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Building Engineers  in Poznańand also by Engineers and Technologists of Building Polish Union, which awarded Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów a prize of Building Mister of Southern Wielkopolska.