Izabella Działyńska nee Czartoryska Mausoleum

Mausoleum – situated on the light hill is a place of eternal rest of Izabela Działyńska nee Czartoryska – the owner of Gołuchów’s residence in the second half of 19th century. She was born in Warsaw,  1830. Czartoryska duchess at the age of twenty six got married the count Jan Działyński and together they lived in Gołuchów. Contemporary image of this wielkopolska’s land scrap was totally different from this we know today. Years of hard work and above all the heart which Izabella devoted to Gołuchów residence pushed her into naming Gołuchów her Earth’s Paradise. She had also expressed the will to be buried in Gołuchów. She has chosen St. John the Baptist Chapel for the place of her eternal rest, which was built at the end of 17th century on Teresa Słuszczyna own initiative. After Izabella’s death, the chapel needed to be adopted as a mausoleum. It needed to be totally parted out and then accurately reconstructed but moved by one meter according to its former localization. Buttner, an architect from Paris was the author of above rebuilding and Jan Kopczyński made the decorations.

Today, inside the Mausoleum, apart from the marble headstone, we can also see two torsos: IzabellaDziałyńska nee Czartoryska’s and Maria Izabella Margareta de Bourbon duchess – last Gołuchów successor – Adam LudwikCzartoryski Dutch’s daughter (these are copies of the original sculpture by AntoniMadeyski). In the central part of the mausoleum, above the tomb, a stained glass which presents coats of arms of Czartoryski Family – “PogońLitewska” and Działyński Family – “Ogończyk” is situated.