St. Florin’s Church in Jedlec

The church was built in 1746 on the own initiative of the starostMikołajChlebowski from Wybranów, whose coat of arms was “Poraj”  and his wife Anna Swinarska. The building was finished in 1753 and consecrated in 1802. It is an one nave church with individuated presbytery. Walls have a frame construction filled up with bricks and clay. West tower at the above tier is covered with plank. In the second half of the 19th century the church was renovated on the Leopold Niemojowski own initiative, the south porch was rebuild, the previous  vestry was knocked down and a new one was built with bricks at the North side of the church. The main altar (with the rococo antependium) as well as the side altars are eclectic with the late baroque elements. The baroque font, rococo crucifix situated at the altar, candlesticks for the paschal, stoop from 18th century as well as an early baroque painting of Snow Mother Christ dated 17th century and four eclectic stained glasses are well preserved. By the church there is a three-arcade bell tower built around 1887-1896 as well as the obelisk consecrated to Pope John Paul II from 2005.