St. Andrew Apostle Church in Tursko, Our Lady Sanctuary

Late baroque St. Andrew Apostle church was built in 1777. Its founder was Kalisz castellan Anna Swinarska nee Chlebowska.  It was finished in 1786 with the great effort of priest Jan Karpieński. The church is made with brick, in basilica style, with three tier tower, with presbytery closed from three sides, vestry and strong-room. Three-nave temple was the answer for crowds of pilgrims coming to Tursko to worship – known as the miracle – the image of Our Lady Magnanimous, which is presently situated in the main altar. Demotic woodcut with the image of Our Lady from Mariazell was conceded as a miraculous in 1765 and crowned in 1968.

Classicists architecture of presbyter delights with its monumentality and perfect harmony. High and long main nave of the church is backed at six immense pillars. Visitors have to notice the firmament on which the history of the miracle painting coming to Tursko was painted as well as classicists pulpit from the end of 18th century. In the side naves there are beam polychrome whichillustrates the rosary mysteries. In the side altars there are paintings from 18th and 19th century presenting among all the martyrdom of the St. Andrew Apostle, Jesus Christ, Our Lady rapture and Our Lady of Sorrows.

The place of worship is also so called Gethsemane where a stone figure of Madonna with the Childis situated.