Kościelna Wieś

St. Wawrzyniec Church in Kościelna Wieś

Roman church of St. Wawrzyniec – previously consists of nave, narrow presbytery and apsidal - was built in the second half of 12th century, and in its neighbor ship a norbertyn monastery was founded on the palatinate PiotrWłostowica own initiative, which belonged to the benedicts monastery between 1298-1782 and was a branch of Tyniec monastery. The monastery was knocked down around 1800 and the church was rebuilt and extended several times.  At the breakthrough of 14th and 15th century a gothic presbytery was built and around 1760 a vestry and baroque chapel was put up. A baroque porchwas built in 1776 . The interior was designed in the rococo style around 1760. The author of the project was possibly Franciszek Józef Mangoldt. He is also the author of four side altars with baroque sculptures. Inside you can also watch a rococo pulpit, confessional and font as well as organs prospectus from 1776 and two side altars from 1776-1781. Moreover there is also a rococo stalls, benches, wardrobe and a beam polychrome of the nave made in the classicistic style.