Holly Trinity Church in Kucharki

Wooden parish church of Holly Trinity was built in 1754.  Priest PiotrSzkudlarski was the mover to the idea of building a church in Kucharki. Walenty Otto Trąmpczyński the squire of Kucharki was its founder. In 18th century the church was repaired and decorated with polychrome, in 19th century it was enhanced with the West porch. The church is oriented with the roof covered with shingles. The church is orderly, on the plan of extended octagon, with no separated presbytery, two porches adjoin the nave part and there is also a South – East vestry. Main altar, pulpit from 17th century, mannerism painting of Guardian Angel dated 17th century as well as an early baroque crucifix and two sculptures at the rainbow timber from 17th century came from the older church. Two baroque side altarscame from 18th century. There is also a wooden bell tower  from 1783 covered with the tent roof with the arterial gate and wooden fence of next-to-church cemetery which was reconstructed in 1949.