“Dybul” – The old stable

It is a name of the place in the park, which was inhabited in the 17th century by the mill man called Dybuł. His surname, after years became the name of two buildings. First, was built between 1876-1877 and was used in two different aims. The lower, middle part was used as a hen house, in turn peripheral two-storied pavilions were used as a servants’ houses. The second building which was established seven years later, was used as a cowshed. Both were designed according to French, 19th century formulas. The cowshed after the fire in 1901 was restored and in 1916 was rebuilt into stable. The hen house lasted until 1945 in unchangeable formula. Years after years buildings were gradually getting into ruin. They have been restored between 1977-1982 on the State Forests own initiative, and their interiors were adapted for brand new functions. Former hen house became the company flats for  Forest Cultural Center’s employees whereas the stable was transformed into Forestry Museum exhibit  house. Since 1983 a steady exhibit called “Forest Technology” has been presented there. Taking into account the fact that the number of museum’s exhibits was increasing throughout the years as well as the size of some exhibits was so impressive the display was moved to “Sheep – fold” which was almost ten times bigger than Dybul. Currently there are works guided in the Dybul to prepare the new exposition entitled “ Forest Protection”.