Administrative Building

“Kasa” – The Administrative Building

The object, built between 1884-1887,  was called “commissariat”. It had previously many purposes for example it was used as offices, box office, doorman room, administrator flat and guests rooms. Its architecture was a conception of French architect Maurice Ouradou. Detailed project was prepared by AntoniGosiewski and several later changes were directed by IzabellaDziałyńska – Gołuchów’s owner which were finally introduced by Louis Breugnot. The two-storied commissariat, covered with hipped roof was set up at the rectangular plan. Red bricks and sandstones were used to build the commissariat. At the front site,, the building was decorated with a massive balcony. Today the building is a Forest Culture Center managing headquarter. There are director’s office, finance department, administrative department, park section as well as a library with a reading room located.

On the North site of the building there is a brick wall directly connected with the building. The wall, similar to the commissariat building, has sandstones elements in it. It was built together with the commissariat building to close the residential area from the main entrance site. The main gate, which is a part of the wall was made by the KlemensBorowskiferrier.