The “Coachroom”

The “ Coachroom” - “Powozownia”

The building was built in 1854 on the Jan Działyński own initiative - contemporaryGołuchów’s owner. The object was located in the East part  of Gołuchów’s residency, it was part of the premise buildings complex, used to be a stable for horses and as well as a carts room. It was built on the plan of tetragon and its middle part of the West facade was forward towards the castle. In the after war years it was used as a place where farmers could sell their breeding flock as well as a communal collective storage. Year after year the building was becoming more and more destroyed. Finally, it has been renovated on the State Forests own initiative. Since 2002 the “Coachhouse” is used as a display object managed by Forestry Museum. On the first floor there is a steady display concerning natural basis of forestry. It is titled “Meeting with the forest”. It is divided into three parts. First involves subjects as: forests on the Earth, Europe’s forests, Poland’s forests. It explains in particular how does the forest is created, tells about forest’s trees, types of forest’s decay, type of forest’s nesting site. The second part of the display aiming at the topics of forest plants and animals species protection which are written in the Polish Red Book. Third part of the display consists of two dummies: central European forests in the early spring period as well as boreal spruce forests in the winter period. The exposition in “Coachhouse” is enriched with the “tree books” from 19thcentury made by Carl von Hinterlang. On the ground floor there is a multimedia educational dummy of Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów presented which points out its architectonic and natural values. “Coachhouse” is also a place where period displays are organized.